Sunshine Xintiandi Building

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Project address No. 111, Jinggangshan Road, Huangdao District
Sales Office Address No. 111, Jinggangshan Road, Huangdao District
Main unit type the 18th floors of 18 floors
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Transportation facilities
The Sunshine Xintiandi Building project enjoys convenient transportation. Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 6 converge here. It takes only 15 minutes to reach the business circle of Qingdao city along the Binhai revenue and the Channel Tunnel to the east , and about 20 minutes to reach the Jiaozhouwan beltway and the cross-sea bridge along the Jialingjiang Road to the north. 
Commercial facilities
Within one kilometer of the project, there are District Government, National Tax Bureau, Local Tax Bureau, the Customs and other organs and units, as well as more than ten banks, many star-rated hotels and several large supermarkets such as Jusco and Mykal, which provide perfect supporting facilities for your office life.
Project bright spot 1
The unique double-lobby design, the 16.8 meters high
The main entrance of the building is designed as a north-south double-lobby, which is 16.8 meters high and is the highest among the West Coast business lobbies.
Project bright spot 2
The unique breathing glass curtain wall, the landmark of office in West Coast area
The appearance of lines is simple and elegant, and the entire exterior wall is made up of an integral natural stone of 1.8 meters, making itself looks high-end and graceful. The façade is made up of a breathing glass curtain wall with no-open-fan setting on the whole, and adopts white Low-E glass with low-radiation, providing a light transmittance of 95%. 
Project bright spot 3
The unique space design without backbones, the unique 4.7 meters of floor height
The entire floor adopts a none-backbones space design with a 50-meter wide opening space, which can be freely divided into areas. The 4.7 meters floor height makes it the highest in Qingdao City. 
Project bright spot 4
The unique facility of presidential VIP elevator, the utmost business speed
The building adopts international top-level configuration. It is equipped with 10 high-speed elevators imported from Germany of 3m/s and 21 capacity, whose specifications are nearly 1 times higher than the average Grade A office building. The 2.7-meter-high cage design makes the riding experience more distinguished and speedy. It is also equipped 2 VIP elevators for presidents specially, providing a special and high-efficient vertical transportation for leaders in corporate. There are another 5 passenger elevators and 1 group of escalators ( two escalators) in business area. 
Project bright spot 5
The unique high-end clubhouse for entrepreneurs
The top floor is 9.6 meters high, which brings the top comfortable space experience, providing entrepreneurs with the best place for business resource sharing and business leisure.
Project bright spot 6
The unique independent break room and VIP exclusive washroom on each floor

Project bright spot 7
5A Intelligent office
The office building adopts international 5A intelligent office, which covers the whole building and without blind spots. It has realized office automation, communication automation (intelligent conference, multi-function conference, background music and emergency broadcast, information release, etc.), fire automation, security automation (closed-circuit monitoring system, anti-burglary alarm system, electronic patrol system, intelligent access control system, parking field management system, visitor recording system) and building controlling automation (lighting system, elevator monitoring system, etc.), using high-standard intelligent management system (face recognition system, QR code recognition system) to ensure the security and privacy of the access personnel. 

Project dynamic

Project label
The Sunshine Xintiandi Office Building is under investment
The orientation of the Sunshine Xintiandi Building is the Super-5A eastern Buddhist charming business office building. The project adopts the philosophical thinking of to Run Simple, and combines the beauty of the oriental artistic concept with the western elements to create an international oriental aesthetic business space, providing a more upscale and stylish office space for owners’ business office service.
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Building details

Building attribute: The total land use is 8580㎡, and the total construction area is 65,000㎡.
Building category: the Sunshine Xintiandi office building
Term of housing equity:
Building address: No. 111, Jinggangshan Road, Huangdao District
Decoration status: