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Fund Management

The fund management business is aimed at high-net-worth customers and family-owned business customers. We are targeting a comprehensive and versatile fund management company that covers multiple asset classes, industries and regions, and builds private equity funds as the core, covering wealth. Diversified asset management platform for management, risk asset management, and bond equity transactions.

The investment philosophy of the fund management business has always adhered to the "Decision Based on Research" principle to combine in-depth fundamental research with quantitative research, through the comprehensive research on macro, strategy, industry and company, to explore the value of wealth, to achieve customer assets. Long-term stable value-added provides the most valuable decision-making basis.

Qualified Investor Certification (Unit/Person):
 Private fund is no less than one million Yuan, and exclusively for units and individuals meeting the following standards: units with a net asset of not less than 10 million Yuan; individuals whose financial asset of not less than 3 million Yuan. Also for individuals whose average annual income in recently three years is no less than 500,000 Yuan.

Note: Financial assets include bank deposits, stocks, bonds, fund shares, asset management plans, bank wealth management products, trust plans, insurance products, futures interests, etc.